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MODULE LLC is a leading energy company in Russia; the company was established in the year 2012 as a private independent organization with substantial structuring and expansion in the year 2014 on the basis of producing, processing, exploring, storage, exporting, supplying, distributing, transporting, trading of oil and gas product and with promising prospect of becoming one of the top leading international companies in oil and gas sector.

Our company actively participates and invests in three key areas of the energy sector of the Russian Federation:

  1. Exploration and mining. The region includes a set of measures to search for underwater and underground deposits of crude oil or natural gas, as well as the drilling of exploration and proven wells for their further production.
  2. Transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas. Extracted resources must be transported to a refinery, which may be located in another region, relative to the place of production. Transportation is carried out depending on the specific situation. For transportation can be used any type of transportation, starting with tankers and ending with the pipeline and vehicles.
  3. This area includes the processing of crude oil and the purification of natural gas produced and delivered to the refinery. Also, this includes further processes, such as: attracting an audience and shipping customers to our products. The most popular types of products are natural gas, diesel fuel, gasoline, lubricants, kerosene, jet fuel, asphalt, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and a number of other types of refined products.

MODULE LLC also partners with the government top refineries in Russian Fedeartion which includes Tatneft-AZS-WEST and many others with an aggregate annual capacity of 300 mln barrels (41.7 mln tonnes) and other independent mini-refineries in Russia to boost it continuous product supply and meets the end customers’ requirement. The company modern plants through its strong and reliable partnership programm with Russian Government are able to process about 50% of crude oil production, as well as their partnership ventures in several oil wells in different regions in the Russian Federation. MODULE LLC intends to widen the efforts further by expanding its refining infrastructure and complexes and also to continue the upgrading of the existing refineries to boost the production of petroleum products which will certainly meet the latest global environmental standards.

MODULE LLC is currently increasing its retail network, which is planned to covers 15% of the world Energy needs with future plans to maintain its focus on extending and optimizing the marketing network all over the world.

MODULE LLC partners with top Russian, Asian and European marine terminals that possess favorable locations and which ensure efficient storing and exporting of crude oil. gas and petroleum products.


Exports products

MODULE LLC seeks to improve the balance between its export capacity and planned crude oil, gas and petroleum product output through the implementation of the extensive inclusive program and further expand cooperative policies with Russian and various world leading marine terminals.

MODULE LLC supply and exports 90% of its produces to end consumers in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and CIS countries through sea transport, pipeline, railroad.

MODULE LLC geography in exploration and production business operations comprises of all the main oil and gas regions of Russia, which basically including Western and Eastern Siberia, Volga and Ural Regions, Far East, Sakhalin, Krasnodar and Primorsky Krai Region and the shelf of Russian seas, including Arctic shelf.