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  • 2012


    The history of the oil company MODULE LLC begins in 2012. It was during this period that the main oil assets were created. The company took a confident step and quickly integrated into the already built and streamlined system of the Russian oil industry. By 2012, the Russian oil market was sufficiently formed and there were many excellent examples of organizing such companies, thanks to which the launch took place without appreciable obstacles and the company quickly began to grow.

  • 2013


    In 2013, the company's rapid growth continued. We secured our positions among private oil companies of Russia, increased both production and storage and processing capacities. Also this year, a program was launched to develop new markets, which resulted in more than 40 contracts for the supply of raw materials and refined products for countries such as China, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and others.

  • 2014


    The highlight of 2014 was the entire Russian oil industry — the discovery of a very large oil and gas province in the Kara Sea. The newly discovered resources were comparable in volume with oil reserves in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to such a significant event, our company has significantly increased its own resource reserves, as well as established itself as a reliable contracting organization for such giants of the Russian oil industry as Rosneft and Lukoil. In 2014, the previous record for contracts with foreign counterparties was broken, this time it amounted to 54 contracts.

  • 2016


    The year 2016 has become significant for us because our company has attracted investments of more than 12 billion rubles. In addition, we began to cooperate with several refineries of TATNEFT-AZS-WEST Limited Liability Company. Thanks to a new partner, we were able to repeatedly expand the range of refined products and offer our partners a much wider list of fuels than it was before.

  • 2018


    We summarized the year 2018 by starting to open an office in Vladivostok, consolidating partnerships with the world's leading ports, which you can find in the "Partners" section. In addition, we will increase the number of our own bunker storages, thanks to which, 2019 promises to be the most budget-filling company in the entire history.